What is the Press Play to Rewind Course?

An Overview

In this 12 week course we will provide you with all the hands-on training, support and coaching to have the skills, knowledge and confidence to use meaningful music in your daily dementia care. The course is split into 4 modules and each module has a variety of learning styles - videos, audio, and text, with practical tasks at the end so you can embed your learning in a practical way. You will be part of a wider community of other learners and Press Play to Rewind champions and will have access to an exclusive Facebook group as well as monthly Webinars (which are recorded for access afterwards).

Course Objectives

At the end of the course you will:

• Have a deeper understanding of the health and wellbeing benefits of music • Have an overview of the ways in which our brain responds to music • Be able to explain the science behind why music works, and the health and wellbeing benefits in a clear and concise way • Have a deeper understanding of the specific ways in which music can benefit individuals living with dementia • Have an overview of the importance of embedding music into dementia care • Be able to explain the benefits of music in dementia care • Have a deeper understanding of the ways in which the use of personalised playlists can benefit people living with dementia • Have the confidence to initiate meaningful conversations to stimulate musical memories • Have the skills needed to create and play personalised playlists dependent on resources you already have available to you • Have the confidence to embed music into your daily dementia care, and have the support to do this.


Specialist in music in dementia care

Dr Rosie Mead

Dr Rosie Mead is on a mission to bring music to everyone with lived experience of dementia around the world. She set up Musica in 2010 out of a passion to integrate music into dementia care. She is an academic researcher, with a PhD in Music Sociology where she explored the role of music within acute hospital care for patients with dementia. Rosie provides consultancy to care homes looking to improve their dementia care, and she has given many guest lectures on Music and Dementia at Universities and events around the world.


  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course starts as soon as you enrol, and whilst it is not time limited, we anticipate you will complete the course in 12 weeks. However, you can take as long as you need

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • Put it simply, why should I enrol in the course?

    To put it in a nutshell, this training will make your life easier! No, really! By using meaningful music as part of your dementia care we anticipate that you will notice the individual(s) you care for: - become less agitated - more engaged - more cooperative - have an overall improvement in mood and wellbeing.

  • What happens after the course?

    After all your tasks and action plan have been reviewed you will be presented with a certificate of completion and a digital and physical Press Play to Rewind Champion badge. 12 months after your completion of the course you will be sent a short survey to complete detailing how you have been using music in your daily dementia care as well as being asked to submit a new action plan to using music in your care over the next 12 months. After this has been reviewed you will be given an updated certificate and Press Play to Rewind Champion badge with the year, demonstrating your PPTR campion status for the next year.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pre-Preparation: Get Ready for the Course

    • Welcome to the programme

    • An Introduction to Musica and the PPTR programme

    • Cohen Mansfield Agitation inventory - please complete at the start of the course

    • Pre-course self-assessment (please complete this!)

    • Pre-Course Assessment for Residents

    • DOWNLOAD: Your learner workbook and and course prep checklist

    • Join the facebook group: Press Play to Rewind Online Community

    • DOWNLOAD Recommended Reading List

    • Group coaching sessions - dates and instructions on joining

    • VIDEO: navigating challenging situations

    • VIDEO: Health and Safety

    • VIDEO: Consent

    • VIDEO Musica Connect (FREE ACCESS FOR 12 WEEKS!)

  • 2

    Knowledge Vault

    • Start Here!

    • Useful Websites

    • A Report from the Commission on Music and Dementia

    • Rosie Mead's Pilot Study Infographic

    • Arts on Prescription

    • Creative Health Inquiry Report 2017

    • Evidence-Based guidelines for using individualized music with people living with dementia

    • Music Playlists for People with Dementia: A Guide for Carers, Health Workers and Family

    • Spiro - Music and Dementia Article

  • 3

    Module One - Why and How Music Works

    • 1.1 VIDEO - Module Introduction

    • 1.2 What happens in the brain when we listen to music?

    • 1.3 PODCAST - The Musical Brain

    • 1.4 EXT VIDEOS How the Brain Processes Music

    • 1.5 EXT VIDEO Musicking

    • 1.6 VIDEO Health musicking

    • 1.7 VIDEO Health benefits of music

    • 1.8 Module 1 Quiz

    • 1.8 Module One Tasks

    • 1.9 End of Module Feedback

  • 4

    Module Two - Benefits of Music in Dementia Care

    • VIDEO - Module Introduction

    • 2.2 VIDEO Overview of Benefits of Music in Dementia Care

    • 2.3 EXT VIDEOS Music in Dementia Care

    • 2.4 VIDEO The Three Cs of Music Delivery

    • 2.5 Music and Agitation

    • 2.6 VIDEO Identity and Sense of Self

    • 2.7 VIDEO Music and Reminiscence

    • 2.8 EXT RESORCE &VIDEO Music and Reminiscence in Action

    • 2.9 VIDEO Musical Connectedness

    • 2.10 VIDEO Music at Different Times of Day

    • 2.11 Module 2 Quiz

    • 2.12 Module Two Tasks

    • 2.13 End of Module Feedback

  • 5

    Module Three - Meaningful Music Activities at an Individual Level

    • 3.1 VIDEO Module Introduction

    • 3.2 VIDEO: Meaningful Music Linked to the PAL

    • 3.3 Musica Connect Linked with Activity Profiling

    • 3.4 Capturing the Impact of Music

    • 3.5 Module Three Tasks

    • 3.6 Module Three Quiz

    • 3.7 End of Module Feedback

  • 6

    Module Four - Creating Personalised Playlists

    • 4.1 Module Introduction

    • 4.2 VIDEO - Benefits of Personalised Music Listening

    • 4.3 DOWNLOAD How to Have Meaningful Conversations

    • 4.5 DOWNLOAD Getting to Know You Document

    • 4.6 A Note On Involving Relatives

    • 4.7 DOWNLOAD Playlist questionnaire for families

    • 4.8 Music for Dementia Radio

    • 4.9 WEBSITE BBC Music Memories

    • 4.10 EXT VIDEOS Using Spotify

    • 4.11 EXT VIDEOS Google Home

    • 4.12 WEBSITE - how to set up an iPod

    • 4.13 Module Four Tasks

    • 4.14 Module 4 Quiz

    • 4.15 End of Module Feedback

  • 7

    Final Task: 6 month Action Plan

    • 6 Month Action Plan

  • 8

    Course Completion- Well Done!

    • Congratulations! What happens next?

    • End of course feedback PLEASE COMPLETE THIS!

    • End of course Music & Wellbeing Assessment for residents PLEASE COMPLETE THIS!

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