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    Music Health and Wellbeing

    • VIDEO - What happens in our brain when we listen to music?

    • PODCAST - The Musical Brain

    • VIDEO - Health Benefits of Music

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    Music in Dementia Care

    • VIDEO - Power of Music in Dementia Care

    • VIDEO - Musical Connectedness

    • VIDEO - Music and Agitation

    • PODCAST - Music and Agitation

    • VIDEO - Music and Identity

    • VIDEO - Benefits of personalised music listening

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Senior Instructor

Rosie Mead

Rosie is on a mission to bring music to everyone with lived experience of dementia around the world. She set up Musica in 2010 out of a passion to integrate music into dementia care. She is an academic researcher, currently finishing a PhD in Sociology exploring the role of music within acute hospital care for patients with dementia. Rosie provides consultancy to care homes looking to improve their dementia care, and she has given many guest lectures on Music and Dementia at Universities and events around the world.
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